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Superficie abstracta

Network of companies and independent programmers united in a community to develop value in the global market with technological solutions.

NETiQ provides its members with "Sales Management," "Project Management," "Financial Management," "Alliance Development," "Quality Standards," and "Infrastructure."

NETiQ offers technological solutions to all types of companies that want to incorporate "Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Holograms..." into their productive or operational processes.

NETiQ is a "BUSINESS MODEL" created to enhance the concept of "TECHNOLOGICAL SPECIALTY," which is challenging to achieve in Latin America, expanding the scope of action for its members and consequently ensuring a continuous demand for their developed solutions.

Tecnologías de la información


[Technology Consulting]

Specialized advice on

technological implementation.


[Integral Project]

Management and Execution

of Integral Projects..


[Investigation and development]

Special developments for
unique processes.

NETiQ integrates horizontally with its companies, achieving results that couldn't be attained among companies with different cultures and identities.

The foundation of this integration lies in the "Internal Management" and the unique "Commitment" among the companies associated with the network.

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