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Founder y CEO



Electronics Engineer experienced in Marketing, Business, Finance, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Coaching, and NLP. Has managed and sold automation engineering projects for multinational companies like GM, FORD, VW, Nestlé, Molinos, among others. Founded and co-founded professional service companies. Provides mentoring, coaching, and investment to entrepreneurial projects in Latin America. Motivational speaker fostering entrepreneurial spirit among university students in various countries. 




Is a young individual born in 2001. He is currently a second-year student pursuing a degree in Artificial Intelligence at Siglo XXI University. As part of the inaugural class for this program, Santiago is excited to be part of the first graduating batch. With a passion for technology since an early age, he has developed a strong technical profile. However, what sets him apart is his outgoing nature and excellent interpersonal skills. Santiago combines his technical expertise with an ability to connect with others, making him a well-rounded individual in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Business Model


[ I+D Business Network ]

This business model is based on several characteristics:

- Specialization.

- Collaboration.

- Complementation.


Prioritizing the concept of triple impact companies:

- Economic.

- Social.
- Environmental.

The companies that form the network contribute all their IQ, allowing their professionals to specialize and elevate their know-how to the highest level when implementing technological solutions.

Through their specialization in specific topics such as AI, Metaverse, VR, AR, Holograms, Robotics, Blockchain, etc., and honoring collaboration, they come together to respond to global projects.


NET iQ, with its specialized staff, complements the I+D companies with Sales Management, Financial Management, Project Management, among other complementary support specialties, to ensure the level required by corporate accounts.


From a RSE perspective, the network drives R&D companies to generate solutions with high economic, social, and environmental impact.

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