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Member Companies

NeuralActions - ARGENTINA
Collaborative Artificial Intelligence
We help Organizations to transform their data into Intelligent Information, detecting Who is Who and Related Content.

Ideas Under Control - ARGENTINA
Light as Weight

Capable of increasing its capacity by synchronizing with each other and autonomously, it obtains the measurement of all its bulk piles with an accuracy of up to 0.5% with respect to a real scale.

Neuromorphic Technologies - PERU
I+D+i company specialized in high technology, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.
We are a group of passionate designers and developers who love to create impressive Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Control Systems products

Tavo Chirivella - PANAMÁ
Virtual Classrooms in the Metaverse
Implementations in Metaverso for the Education industry.

Riverdata - BRAZIL
Creating Alternatives
We place your company at the pinnacle of data maturity.

Caldera Labs - PANAMÁ
The easy side of blockchain.

We are building decentralization, easily, quickly, and securely, so that your business can build the best version of today and the future.

FAN Monitoring - ARGENTINA
Conversational Analysis based on AI

Enhance your customers' experience with speech and text analytics. Measure conversation time, first contact resolution, pauses and conversational excesses, objection handling, sales loss, and other key service and customer experience indicators.

Sustainable Solutions To Complex Problems Of The World
Social Housing Project based on its maximum efficiency.

Starting a community-based business

At Crece Digital we promote technological projects to the next level of their growth.

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